Reference manuals

This page contains links to information about learning and using wxLua, Lua, and wxWidgets.
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wxLua documentation

Lua documentation

wxWidgets documentation

Compiling and installing wxLua

Writing and understanding the binding files

Subversion (SVN) repository


wxLua developers listed in chronological order:

  1. Paul and J Winwood: The original authors. No longer active.
  2. Francis Irving: Author of the wxLua standalone application. No longer active.
  3. John Labenski: Updated and reworked wxLua in 2004 to make it modular, embeddable, and allow multiple instances. Currently developing and maintaining wxLua.
  4. Ray Gilbert: Rewrote the wxLua bindings parser.
  5. Klaas Holwerda: Author of wxLuaCan sample and indefatigable source of ideas.
  6. Francesco Montorsi: Worked on the bakefile-based build system, on this website, and the wxLua packaging.
  7. Anders F Björklund:Contributed wxMac screenshots and created wxMac package.
  8. Reuben Thomas: Wrote the bit library that wxLua includes.
  9. Did we forget you? contact us and we'll add you.

Credits also goes to the tools wxLua is built upon: wxWidgets toolkit, Lua, and for hosting the project.